Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dunedin Florida Decorated Light Pole Contest Pt II

I have been hunting down more of the decorated light poles in Downtown Dunedin. I found these just the other day. A matching pair out in front of a local Law Firm. Trying saying this fast: Frazer, Hubbard, Brandt, Trask & Yacavone, Attorneys At Law. In fact, if you click here to see their website, at the top of the page you can see the light pole, without decoration, that is now the "Nice" list. Pretty cool eh?

I have to correct some earlier information now. In an earlier posting, click here, I posted a photograph of a light pole decorated with a Dia de los Muertos theme. In that post I described the City of Dunedin's Light Pole Decorating Contest. Foolishly, I assumed that pole was a part of that contest. So, when I walked by the other day, looking for more decorated light poles, the pole had changed! It was still decorated in a theme that seemed Mexican in origin, but it was NOT the same. So, I walked into the Mexican restaurant across the street to ask some questions.

The restaurant is called Casa Tina. When I asked about the light pole, I got the scoop. They had decorated that pole alright, but the Dia de los Muertos theme was for Halloween! They simply hadn't taken it down and put up the Christmas holidays theme decorations yet. I see, said the blind man! Casa Tina is a really cool place, and if you click here you can check out their website and their menu. And in a future post, I will show you more of the decorated light poles that I found!


  1. How come the girl names are the nice ones and they guy names are naughty.

    Since its outside of the law office, which light post would Frazer, Hubbard, Brandt, Trask & Yacavone be on?

  2. Fort Lauderdale Daily PhotoNovember 24, 2007 at 9:22 AM

    Oh those wacky attorneys! Looking forward to more lamp post decor.

  3. What a great idea. We have a downtown christmas festival going on now. I am going to contact them and suggest they consider doing something like this next year.

    And Oh am I glad I didn't see my name on the naughty pole.

  4. These are very festive! Like Jim, though, I wondered about why are the nice ones are girls and all the naughtys are boys. :)I photographed some poles being decorated the other day, and will post a photo, but they are part of a building.

  5. i really like your posts . so many details and links . and your city has a lot of cool things , i'm glad that i can discover it everyday through your eyes. thank you .

  6. quite fascinating - my picture today is a puzzle

  7. Hey Me, Thanks for looking closely into the boat on my blog today. Maybe they were going to shoot fish out of the river? Hah. I really don't know where they were going; I just saw a boat and thought fish.

    Like Jim I thought at first that the decorated poles you showed today was a war of the girls against the boys. But then it seems the names on each pole weren't all of only one gender.

  8. That's such a superb idea. So lawyers do have a sense of humour too!

  9. this is a very creative and funny way.
    the nice and naughty ones will get presents, right?

  10. this is really a great idea that we don't have int my country. This is what is interesting withs blogs, they make us discover very intersting habits and way of life abroad

  11. That's funny!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I apologize for not being able to visit earlier and for not being able to reply to your question on my blog.
    The swastika is considered a positive symbol by the Hindus and the Buddhists. There are clockwise and anticlockwise swastikas. The swastika is also a universally positive symbol (

  12. Is it Santa "Clause" because the post is decorated by a law firm?

  13. nice idea! I would be afraid if I saw my name there :))


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